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  • You get to travel with the WHOLE family. 

  • Most campgrounds and RV parks are dog friendly.

  • Consistency of the environment allows dogs to adapt to the RV as a second home.

  • Dogs often keep us more active.

  • According to experts, dogs are the best crime deterrent out there.

  • New environments to adapt to on a regular basis.

  • Other dogs (and sometimes irresponsible owners) are often present at campgrounds.

  • Increased possibility of wildlife encounters.

  • Some campgrounds and RV parks are NOT dog friendly.

  • Opportunities for dogs to get loose or lost.

  • You may have to adapt plans depending on your dog’s needs.

The bottom line is that if you bring a dog along on an RV adventure, their safety and health has to be a priority for your family

Here are our 10 most important tips for RVing with dogs:
  1. Always research pet policies in advance of travel. Whether it be campgrounds, national and state parks, or beaches, go online and check before you head out.

  2. Create a pet information packet to keep in the RV with vaccination info, pictures, and licensing information.

  3. Introduce your dog to the RV before going on an RV vacation. Get them used to going up and down the stairs. Show them their bed. Let them settle into their second home.

  4. Create a space in the RV for your dog. Whether it’s a bed, crate, bunk, or seat, most dogs need a space to which they can retreat.

  5. Make a supplies checklist so you don’t wind up without food, bowls, leashes, or waste bags.

  6. Figure out a safe traveling place for your dog. Placing them in a towable is NOT recommended. Whether or not you use a harness, make sure they are secured when you open vehicle doors at rest stops and gas stations.

  7. Have a plan and routine for leaving your dog alone in the RV for brief periods of time.

  8. Research pet-friendly activities and restaurants in advance, so your dog can participate in as many experiences as possible.

  9. Socialize your dog before exposing them to people at the campground.

  10. Be considerate. Chronic barking ruins the campground atmosphere for all your neighbors. If your dog cannot stop barking, the campground just isn’t a good fit.

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