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1. Dry camping

This is where you camp with “no hook ups” meaning you don’t have shore power, water, or sewer. Typically one refers to dry camping when camping at state or national parks. You likely still have to pay fees for dry camping.

2. Boondocking

The definition of boondocking is different depending on who you talk to. There are a few aspects to it:

a) You must be dry camping.

b) It’s free. You can boondock in Walmart parking lots, rest areas, or in friend’s driveways.


3. Moochdocking

This is where you camp on driveways or private land—usually owned by a friend, relative, or I don’t know maybe you like staying with strangers—for free. You may or may not have electricity or water.

Boondockers Welcome is a great place to look for moochdocking, especially if you like strangers.

4. Primitive camping

Primitive camping, also sometimes called wild camping, is when you boondock in the middle of nowhere! Can also be synonymous with boondocking.


5. Basement

The storage area beneath your RV. Also referred to as bays or understorage or the place where your store all your poop hoses.


6. Black water

The wastewater from your toilet.

7. Grey tank

The wastewater from the sinks and shower drains.

8. Fresh water tanks

The fresh water you keep on board for use when you do not have water hookups.

9. Holding tanks

Holding tanks is a term used to refer to your grey, black, and fresh water tanks.


10. FHU or full hookups

When you have access to water, sewer, and electric at a campsite 


11. Slide-outs

The sections of your motorhome that slide out when you are parked. We have opposing slides in our RV that give us so much extra space! Also referred to as slides or pop-outs.

12. Full-timers or Full-timing

The crazy people who live and travel in an RV all. the. time.

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